Two examinations are held every year. The half-yearly examination is held in March/April and the Annual Examination is held in September. External examiners who are experts in the field are invited to assess the students’ competence.


Endowment is our proud tradition. “The Endowment Day” was celebrated for the first time on Sunday, the 20th of March, 2005. The Endowment Day was a day set apart exclusively to recognize and appreciate the contribution of the Endowment Donors for the promotion of classical music and dance and also to give away the endowment prizes at the hands of the respective donors. Prizes and certificates for proficiency and competition to students of the School for excellence are distributed on this day. By their presence, the donors had amply demonstrated that they are with the Fine Arts Society in its objective of spreading good musical education. The numbers of donors are increasing year by year.

1 Late Vinod Radhakrishnan Shri C.V. Radhakrishnan 25001
2 Shri V. Ramadurai Shri V. Ramadurai 5000
3 Shri V. Ramadurai Shri V. Ramadurai 5000
4 Shri V. Ramadurai Shri V. Ramadurai 5000
5 A.S.K. Murthy Memorial Shri V.K. Murti 5000
6 Late Srividya Ramachandran Smt. N.S. Ramachandran 500
7 Late Sharada Parameshwaran Late Sharada Parameshwaran 2001
8 Champakavalli Shankaranarayanan Memorial Smt. Champakavalli Shankaranarayanan 5000
9 Smt Kanthimathi Ramnath Shri Jairam Ramnath 5000
10 Shri B.R. Ramnath Shri Jairam Ramnath 5000
11 Kumar Laxman Memorial Shri S.L. Iyer 1425
12 P.D. Ranadive Memorial Ms. Swati Bhise 5000
13 G.G. Ramachandran Memorial Ms. Vimla 5000
14 Smt Rajalakshmi Viswanathan Smt. Rajalakshmi Viswanathan 2251
15 Hashu Advani Memorial Shri K. Ganesh Kumar 15000
16 Shri Lalgudi G. Jayaraman Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman 10000
17 K.K. Subbaraman Memorial Shri K.S. Chandran 5001
18 Late Smt Ananthalakshmi Memorial Shri K.S.R. Chandran 10000
19 Late Srividya Ramachandran Smt. N.S. Ramachandran 501
20 Late Srividya Ramachandran Smt. N.S. Ramachandran 501
21 Vijayalakshmi Kasturi Memoria Kalaimamani S.R. Kasturi 10000
22 Theatre Centre Kalaimamani S.R. Kasturi 20000
23 Bhagirathi Ammal Memorial Shri R.S. Naman 5000
24 K.C. Radhakrishnan Memorial Smt. Lalitha Radhakrishnan 15000
25 Shri N. Rajamani Mrs. Kalyani Rajamani 5000
26 Shri K.S.R. Chandran Shri K.S.R. Chandran 15000
27 S.U. Sitaram Memorial Mrs. Sita Sitaram 25000
28 T.A. Narayanan Memorial Smt. Lakshmi Narayan 5000
29 Maduvara Madam Rukmini Ammal Memorial Mr. & Mrs. M.K. Anantharam 6000
30 Dr. (Mrs) Shanta Anantharaman Shri R.V. Iyer 5001
31 P.S. Krishnan Memorial Smt. Parvatham Krishnan 33000
32 Mudunuri Leela Devi Dr. (Smt) Leela Devi 50001
33 Mudunuri Leela DeviDr. Sheik Chinnamoulana Memorial Trust Dr. Chinnamoulana Memorial Trust 5000
34 Sivaswamy Memorial Sivaswamy Memorial Charitable Trust 10000
35 Late Calcutta G. Vaidyanatha Bhagwathar Shri K.S. Subrahmaniyen
Late Dronacharya Calcutta
K.S. Krishnamoorthy Bhagawathar
Late Shri Taruvai Subramaniam
36 Late Vidwan Pudukkotai V. Krishnamurthy & Smt. Parvathy Parasuram 25000
The Sangeetha Bhooshanam V. Vaidyanathan
37 Mangalam Subramaniyan Pandit S. Gowrishankar 5000
38 Ms. Geeta Iyer Endowment Shri R.V. Iyer 5001
39 Dr. Usha Ramesh Endowment Shri R.V. Iyer 5001
40 Late Smt. Kanthimathi Sundaram Shri S. Ramamurthi & Smt. Padma Ramamurthi 10001
Swami Haridhosgiri Endowment Shri K. Ganesh Kumar 75000
41 Prof. Uma Sekaran Prof. Uma Sekaran, U.S.A. 12500
42 Shri A.R.C. Sekaran Shri A.R.C. Sekaran, London 12500
43 Sri Shankar R. Sri K.S.R. Chandran 10000
44 Shri Kirit Lapsia Shri Kirit Lapsia 5000
45 Shri Jayant Lapsia Shri Jayant Lapsia 5000
46 Late Pazhayannur Subrahmanya Sankar Shri S.V. Jay Sankar 25000
47 Late Smt Mudunuri Rajyalakshmi Sri Mudunuri Rajasekhar 10000
48 Smt. Padma Bhushan Mogubai Kurdekar Smt. Vatsala Rao 7500
49 Smt Kaushalya Manjeshwar Smt. Vatsala Rao 7500
50 Pandit Manekrao Thakurdas Smt. Vatsala Rao 7500
51 Late Mudunuri Seshagiri Rao Sri Mudunuri Sri Krishna 10000
52 Late Shri K.V. Gopalakrishnan Smt. Sita Gopalakrishnan 20000
53 Late Smt.Saroja Sundareswaran Sri. V. Sundareswaran 20000
Smt. Hema Natarajan Sri Karthik Natarajan 50000
54 Mrs. Swati Rohit Kumar & Late Sri P.R. Ramanathan Sri K.S.R. Chandran 10000
55 Dr. P.N. Krishnamoorthy Sri K. Ganesh Kumar 10000
56 Late Pazhayannur Subramanian Sankar Sri S.V. Jay Sankar 25000
57 Late Smt. Lakshmi & Sri Shankar Dr. S. Vishwanath 10000
58 Late Smt. Lakshmi & Sri Shankar Dr. S. Vishwanath 10000
59 Late Smt. Lakshmi & Sri Shankar Dr. S. Vishwanath 10000
60 Late Smt B. Jamuna Sri N. Balasubramanian 10000
61 Dr. P.N. Krishnamoorthy Smt. Vatsala Rao 10000
62 Late Shri V.N. Swami Dr. (Mrs) Gnanam Swami 10001
Shri A. Balasubramanian Shri A. Balasubramanian 10000
Shri R. Radhakrishnan Shri R. Radhakrishnan 10000
63 Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Sri K. Ganesh Kumar 10000
64 Late Lakshmipuram Govindarajan Smt. Kalyani Srinath & Sri Srinath Sridharan 50000
65 Late Kadayam N. Ramaswamy Iyer and Late Smt. Muthulakshmi Ammal Endowment Smt. R. Meenalatha 10000
66 Padma & Ramamurthi Vikram & Kanchana Ramamurthi 10000
Smt. Hema Natarajan Smt. Hema Natarajan 50000
67 Late Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram Shri Narayan Parasuram 25000
68 Late Smt. Pushpa Krishna Murthy Shri D.K. Murthy 20000
69 Late Smt. Pushpa Krishna Murthy Shri Anantapadmanabhan Viswanath 20000
70 Smt. Padmaja Krishnan Dr. Smita Krishnan 10000
71 Late M.P. Srinivasan Smt. Usha Srinivasan 10000
72 Late Smt. Lata Sadananda Rao Sri. I.S. Rao & Smt.Radhika M Rao 100000
TOTAL 1118687


Every year, based on the results of the two examinations held in each discipline, proficiency prizes are awarded to students ranking first and second.


A number of prizes have been instituted to encourage students to improve their performance. A special competition is held every year for this purpose. The decision of the judges in the matter of awarding prizes is final. The competitions are open only to the students of our school.


The Minimum Amount for instituting an Endowment at present is Rs.5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only) or in multiples of Rs.1000/-.

Prizes will be awarded annually from the interest earned on the corpus amount and the awarding of prizes will commence after one year from the date of instituion of the endowment.

Any balance of interest earned after awrding the prizes will be utilised for the benefit of the students of our Music and Dance School i.e. for the purchase of books, cassettes for Library etc. and /or utilised for maintaining the quantum of prize money if the interest rate falls substantially.

Prizes will be awarded in cash only to those students adjudged by the FAS as being proficient enough to qualify for a prize.

If an Endowment stipulates that a prize is to be awarded to a student of a particular year of study and/or gender and no appropriate student is available, the prize will be awarded to a student of the next lower year or any year of study and / or of the opposite gender as applicable and found appropriate by the Governing body.

The above rules may be revised / amended as necessary and amendments if any will be communicated to the Donors by post.

The decision of the Governing Body in all matters shall be final and binding on the Donors.