Music College / Academic Programmes


The school provides opportunities for presenting oneself in front of wider audience in Sangeeth Sabhas. Sangeeth Sabhas - a new buzz word for students. Stage fear can be languished only by actually ascending the stage. Realizing this, the school has introduced a pioneering concept of Sangeeth Sabhas for the students. The first Sangeeth Sabha was held on 3rd December, 2003 in memory of our Violin Teacher late Smt. Gomathi Sitaram. She was working in FAS School since 1980. Not only do these Sabhas inspire a sense of confidence in the learners but also encourages them to learn beyond the syllabus and present audience friendly programmes. Sangeeth Sabhas have become a regular feature of the School calendar. We have Six Sabhas, two each of Carnatic and Hindustani conducted during the months of July, and January/February, one exclusively for Tiny Tots and one for Bharatanatyam Dance. These programmes generate a lot of excitement and result in spirited performances not only among the students but among the faculty members as well.


In the year 2005, the school specifically started an innovative idea of classical music initiation for tiny tots in the age group of 5 to 7 years. Starting them at young, the school believes that the young minds in the most impressionable age should be exposed to the wonderful impact of music.


Every year the school organizes the Thyagaraja Utsav to commemorate the Aradhana of Saint Shri Thyagaraja with religious fervor and a rich fare of classical music. Music maestros, teachers, students and in fact the entire Chembur take part in this mammoth festival. Aradhana of the saint composer from Thiruvayaru, Thyagaraja is observed with great solemnity and musical fervor. The Unchavrithi procession in the early morning attracts a good number of devotees of the bard with several families coming forward to perform the Pada-Puja and offer alms. The rendering of the Pancharatna kritis which see a big gathering of music lovers from near and far taking part is an emotional experience of the power of music.


Every year the school students pay tribute to their gurus by felicitating them. This programme attracts a galaxy of distinguished personalities from academics and the musical fraternity. It is customary that during this programme the teachers render a concert which is a much awaited affair.