Sivaswamy Auditorium

A modern deluxe A/C auditorium with 1295 seats - 782 in the main level and 513 in balcony, every seat a VIP seat, spacious 43 x 32 stage, two level green rooms and lift is the best in the suburbs. Against a significant contribution from Transworld group of companies, this has been named after its late founder, Shri. Sivaswamy as "SIVASWAMY AUDITORIUM". Cultural programmes of all types, annual get-together, annual employees day, employees, annual day celebrations for schools and colleges, institutions and associations, annual general meetings, training programmes, seminars, symposia and a host of such other programmes are also held.

Schedule of compensation for the use of the Sivaswamy Auditoirum and services with effects from 1st Nov 2019.

Seats : 782 - Stall

513 - Balcony

1295 - Total (Effective capacity 1275 seats)

The Sivaswamy Auditorium along with Art Plaza is available as a package on slots of 4 hours each. The Schedule of compensation for use of each slot of 4 hours is as follows:

I.Rate for standard package:

AUDITORIUM HIRING CHARGES ( New S.T. effected from 1st Nov 2019)
SIVASWAMY AUDITORIUM Seating Capacity - 1295
S.No Day & Timing 4 hour Slot Full House 4 hour Slot Only Main Floor 3 hours Slot Rehersal Stage Setup 3 hrs Remarks
60% 20% 10% Only for the party who have booked 4 hour slot
1 Saturday/ Sunday / Holidays 78000 N.A 19000 N.A
2 Monday to Friday ( 9am to 1 pm) (50%) 39000 24000 10000 5000
3 Monday to Friday ( 2 to 6pm or 7 to 11 pm) ( 20%) 62000 37000 14000 7000
Deposit 50000
Please Note : GST 18% to be added on the base rate

II. Extra Payments

(i) Ushers / Yellow Volunteers the Service of ushers empanelled by the Society is mandatory. The per show charges to be paid by a separate cash / cheque drawn in favour of M.B.Kotian. In case a show is extended beyond 4 hours, extra payment to M.B.Kotian is entailed. 3700 (current rate)
(ii) In case show is extended beyond 4 hours additional payment to the SOCIETY for every hour, provided there is no overlapping with the next slot. 30% of the standard charge per hour + S. Tax
(iii) For extra cordless mike 350 (+ S. Tax)
(iv) For Banners 1000
(v) For sponsored programmes 10000
(vi) Extra passage in the front of the complex 3500
(vii) Service Tax The service tax at applicable rates are only for compensation and not for Interest free Refundable Security Deposit.
(viii) For extra lights (Spot, halogem, cuclorama FOH, Beamed lights etc.) Details on request
(ix) For microphones, video equipment, sound system, mixers etc Details on request


  • IPRS (if not provided a cheque of Rs. 35,000/- in favour of IPRS to be submitted)
  • Ticket selling
  • Censor - Board


  • Ticket selling
  • Censor - Board


  • Ticket selling
  • Censor - Board


Standees for display of flex boards are available on a rent of Rs.500/- per standee per slot. Flex to be provided by you. Flex can also be arranged as designed by you for an additional cost of Rs.200/- per flex per slot

Kindly ensure compliance prior to one week of the programme and hand over a copy of the same for our records as without them the show will be allowed to be staged/performed/conducted in our auditorium.