About Us

In 1962, a team of selfless volunteers in Chembur got together on 26th January, the Republic Day and decided to start a Cultural Society to promote Classical Music, Dance and Drama and hold programmes for the public. A temporary office was set up in a small garage at 15th Road in Chembur and a beginning was made. The first programme was held one year later. From such small beginnings, this developed gradually into a bigger and bigger activity. The Society was formally registered in 1962. From then on, activities grew, shamianas were put up at Gandhi Maidan in Chembur for monthly programmes and the first ever Annual Festival of Music, Dance and Drama was held to packed audiences in the year 1964.

The Society grew in its membership and stature and the organisers' ambition also kept pace and thus came the dream of putting up an Auditorium in Chembur. The Maharashtra Government allotted a piece of land and the Foundation Stone was laid by Shri Shankarrao B Chavan, the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Thereafter there was no looking back and despite obstacles, often felt unsurmountable, a group of selfless volunteers worked hard for their dream of an auditorium.

The concept was gradually enlarged to a Multipurpose Complex and at last after 30 years, it could be said in 1993 the "dream has come true", when the Fine Arts Cultural Centre was inaugurated at the hands of His Excellency Shri P.C. Alexander, Governor of Maharashtra.

The Society's contribution in the field of education in music, dissemination of knowledge of the performing fine arts and preservation of our rich cultural heritage has received recognition by the Brihan Mumbai Mahanagar Palika and the Government of Maharashtra, who have named the area adjunct to The Fine Arts Cultural Centre as "Fine Arts Chowk". The naming was done on 1st December 2001, at the hands of no less a person than Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh, Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

The Society has also been blessed on numerous occasions by their Holinesses the Shankaracharyas of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, the Shankaracharya of Sringeri Mutt, the Jeer of Ahobila Mutt, the Andavan Swamigal of Srirangam and Shankaracharya of Sakatapuram.