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Sivaswamy Auditorium

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A modern deluxe A/C auditorium with 1301 seats - 788 in the main level and 513 in balcony, every seat a VIP seat, spacious 43 x 32 stage, two level green rooms and lift is the best in the suburbs. Against a significant contribution from Transworld group of companies, this has been named after it's late founder, SIVASWAMY AS "SIVASWAMY AUDITORIUM". Cultural programmes of all types, annual get-together, annual employees day etc for co. employees, annual day celebrations for schools and colleges, institutions and associations, annual general meetings, training programmes, seminars, symposia and a host of such other programmes are held.

Art Plaza & Concert Chamber

In the suburbs, there does not exist a suitable Art Plaza for Exhibitions, Display, etc. The Society has put up deluxe Art Plaza which can also be used for smaller functions like Birthday Parties, Engagement Ceremonies and other functions. This can comfortably accommodate around 400 people. A Mini Concert Chamber is available for functions with limited number of audience. The Art Plaza is available only when there is no booking of the Auditorium. Decoration, Utensils for food, Ice-cream, Soft Drinks, Tables, Chairs, Sound and Lighting, etc. are to be obtained on extra charge basis from the Society’s approved service providers. The charges for hiring this facility are available on request.

Community Hall

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This well laid out Community Hall in two levels with A.C. for limited hours is perhaps one of the best facilities in Mumbai for various community programmes and marriages. This can also be used for cultural functions and celebrations, lunches by associations, schools, and corporations, smaller concerts, annual day functions, and numerous such occassions. Annexure A Schedule of compensation for the use of Community Hall and its utilities & services with effects from 25th January, 2011.


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