Community Hall

This well laid out Community Hall in two levels with A/C for limited hours is perhaps one of the best facilities in Mumbai for various community programmes and marriages. This can also be used for cultural functions and celebrations, events by associations, smaller concerts, annual day functions etc by schools, corporations and other bodies. The table below contains a Schedule of compensation for the use of Community Hall and its utilities & services.

COMMUNITY HALL HIRING CHARGES PER DAY (New S.T. effected from 1 June 2017)
14th JAN TO 14th JUNE 14th SEPT TO 14th DEC
Rent 69575.00 63250.00
CGST- 18% 12523.50 11385.00
Total 82099.00 74635.00
15th JUNE TO 13th SEPT
Rent 66700.00 60375.00
CGST - 18% 11385.00 10453.50
Total 74635.00 68529.00
Security Deposit 20000.00 20000.00
Extra One Hour 10% + S.T. on Rent
Slot Community Hall Dining Hall
5 am to 2 pm 60% of Appl. Full Rate 40% of Appl. Full Rate
4 pm to 12 am 60% of Appl. Full Rate 40% of Appl. Full Rate
A/C Hrs 4 Hrs (2+2) 2 Hrs
Rooms 2 Rooms NIL
Note :
  1. The rates indicated above include hire charges for the Hall and other facilities and also compensation for hire of the Societys furniture, fixtures,electricity charges for standard lighting, fans AC (for maximum of 8hrs a day), heating of water (maximum 4 Hrs a day), reasonable use of electric grinders, and videos and water charges security services, administration, housekeeping and cleaning services, equipment operation and maintenance etc. Service tax will be levied at the applicable rate.

  2. The Society reserves the right to modify the scope of facilities and services to change the rates at its sole discretion. In terms of clause 6.1 of the Rules and Regulations for booking the facilities, the rates in force on the date and time of use shall apply and the users stall pay the difference, if any, between the booking rates and the rates prevailing on the date and time of actual use of the facilities,unconditionally.

  3. The interest free security deposit will be refunded after deducting charges for extra and damages, if any, in the manner laid down in 6.3 of the Rules & Regulations.

  4. The rates indicated above are apllicable to organisations in general and individuals.However, as a measure of support to really worthwhile and deserving causes the Society may, at its sole discretion and on an application made to it with supporting evidence, extend some concession in the base rates on a case to case basis.

  5. The Society may extend some concession to the Members of the Society
Half Day Charges

Half day charges for the community hall as follows:

  1. Community hall +dining hall+kitchen + 2 rooms (without AC) can be given for half a day in either slot : a) 5 am to 2 pm or b) 4 pm to midnight (12 am).

  2. Rates for above will be 60% of the full day’s applicable rates

  3. Only Dining Hall+Kitchen can be given for above similar slots @ 40% of the full day’s applicable rates.

  4. If kitchen is hired for extra time of 4 hrs preceding the booking slot - Rs.5000 extra.

  5. AC will be for a slot of 4 hrs only (2+2) in community hall and / or dining hall.

  6. Booking can be done only 30 days in advance.

  7. If booked only for half day a security Deposit of Rs. 20,000/- will be applicable.

  8. If half day booking is combined with preceding or succeeding day booking – No Security Deposit.