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Fine Arts Society is truly a beehive of cultural activities in the suburbs. It caters to people of varied backgrounds, cultures and tastes and acts as a hub of National Integration.

Justice B.N. Srikrishna Former Chief Justice, Bombay High Court

I was very happy to have had the opportunity to inaugurate this beautiful auditoirum. This meets the long feet need of the lovers of art in this area to have a place of their own for cultural activities. I have no doubt that this institution will maintain the highest tradition of excellence in classical music. Dance etc and develop into a premier centre of arts in this great cosmopolitan city of bombay.

P.C. Alexander Governor, Maharashtra

I was really thrilled walking into this auditorium. the auditoirum has really super accoustics.What an expereince all i can say is "thank you" and grateful for the opportunity and look forward to being with you all again…..soon!

Ms. Usha Uthup 

Wonderful evening first time in this hall. every moment was enjoyable to me and my musicians. Wish to come again and again.

Shri. Hari Prasad Chaurasia 

Very good atmosphere, Specious enough to accommodate all our guests.

Ms. Ashwini Bhave 

The dedication and love for art and culture of the fine art cultural members is reflected in every part of this beautiful auditorium. My best wishes and appreciation for their proud achievement.

Dr. M Balamurali Krishna 

We thank you very much for your bonding and hospitality.We hope to definitely return.

Shri. Nasiruddin Shah 

Chairman & MD, Indian Bank, Chennai the visit attracted many a things. the grandeur of the hall, the well laidout halls, the care with which every detail has been taken care of, the transparency of operations above all the involvement of the management team . A great service to the society the future plans are great and will proceed with ease.

Shri. T S Raghavan 

We had a wonderful show. thanks to the lovely receptive audience. We like to have our show here again and again. Thank you

Ms. Shuba Khote 

It was a great pleasure in performing for the laya conference.Thank you.As an artist am very happy and glad to see the golden effort of fine arts to maintain the tradition of music and arts. My heart warming wishes to each and every single member of finearts and the students. Rhythm is god.

Shri. Sivamani 

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