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FAS Goodwill

Very good organisation, perfectly organised, inspiring audience and wonderful experience for us.

Ms Ranjani/ Ms Gayatri 

Its great that fine arts society, chembur has obtained iso 9004 the first of its kind for a cultural organisation. The audience is so unique here that evey artiste would love to come here repeatedly ! Kudos to the management committee. Good luck and may you grow to greater heights.

Mrs Sudha Ragunathan 

Really enjoyed performing. Sugunans sound was fantastic.

Shri. Unnikrishnan 

Wonderful audience, excellent hospitality.

Shri. Crazy Mohan 

On behalf of my entire team of musicians, I would like to thank the fine arts society members for having invited us for a memorable concert this evening.I hope the members and the audience of fas, chembur enjoyed the concert as much as the artists in stage did. Best wishes on completing 50 glorious years of service to fine arts. Keep going !!

Shri. Sikkil C Gurucharan 

I thoroughly enjoyed performing here on this special day 60th independence day. I take pride in experiencing that.Beautiful auditorium with perfectly designed accoustics. The rapport that I enjoyed with the audience was great and inspiring.Thanks a lot for providing me this golden opportunity, Jai hind !!

Shri. Nityashree Mahadevan 

Great concert time for me here. audience really enjoyed rtp very well. Superb ambience!!

Shri. Palakkad Sreeram 

Excellent auditorium, adequate of balanced amplifization. Happy to be here always a pleasure to perform for the fine arts society. Innocent audience, loving people of a fifty audience. God bless this institution.

Shri. Vijay Siva 

We dancers and musicians from kalakshetra foundation extremely thankful to the fine arts society for the wonderful opportunity and felt very happy with the organisation and the wonderful hospitality. We enjoyed.

Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai 

I am very much thankful to fine arts society. good hospitality. I wish you all the best to academy. God bless

Shri. Johny Lever & Troupe 

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