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It is heartening and wonderful to see a group of voluntary people in the society care fine arts- which are so organic to the foundation of any society! Very well organised and keep it up!!

Ms. Lillette Dubey 

I performed here for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the listeners. My namaskar to everyone here.Simply unique to know the activities of the fine arts society. I convey my love and respect to the memebrs here.

Shri.Ajay Chakrabarty 

I have always enjoyed performing in this hall as today was no difference. We get a lovely audience here and thats what all the artists thrive on.

Shri. Bharat Dabholkar 

Fine arts academy is an established academy. which supports & encourages art & cultural activities wonderful organisation I am glad to perform here in front of wonderful musical audience. Thanks

Ms. Sadhana Sargam 

Wonderful auditorium, mike system, ambiance and audieance. Amazing hospitality, organisation and a lovely committee. Always enjoy indradhanush.Look forward to give more concerts & intuaction.

Ms Soumya 

It has been always a pleasure for me to sing for chembur fine arts. The affection and hospitality of office bearers, the approbation of the ambiance are tremendously inspiring.

Shri. T V Sankaranaraynan 

Wonderful sound system. Knowledgeable audience enjoyed performing, excellent experience.

Priya Sisters 

Wonderful experience with the great audience. Enjoyed many thanks.

Shri.shankaran Namboodari 

A really wonderful expereince for all of us artists too. Thank you & wish chembur fine arts more & more glorious service to the cause of public.

Shri Sreeram Parasuram and Ms. Anuradha Sreeram 

It was a wonderful experience to perform for chembur fine arts.

Ms. Priyadarshini Govind 

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