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Management Of Society

The Society's affairs are managed by a Board of Trustees and a Managing Committee.

A Board of Trustee is elected for a 6 year tenure. The Trustees are elected by the General Body of members consisting of Patrons, Life Members and Members of Activity Wings who have been members for a period of 3 years as at the close of the official year of the Society i.e. 31st March. 

All the movable and immovable properties, income, funds and assets of the Society are vested in and managed by the Trustees who hold the same in trust for the Society. The Board is headed by the Chairman and the operations are conducted by him with the assistance of the Trustees and especially the office bearers Two Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer who are all elected by the Board.Separate Committees look after Asset Management, Finance & Accounts and Resource Mobilisation.

For the advancement of the objects of the Society, the Board of Trustees have constituted separate Activity Wings which have been entrusted to the Managing Committee which is empowered to regulate and oversee the functioning of the different activities. The Managing Committee is elected by the members. The President and Committee are elected by the Patrons, Life Members and Members of the Activity Wings.  Annual elections are held for filling up vacancies due to retirement by rotation of Committee Members.The President is elected directly by the members and holds office for 3 years. Other members of the Managing Committee are elected by the members and hold office for 3 years, subject to retirement by rotation. Besides the President, the Managing Committee has as office bearers Vice President, Hon. Secretary& Hon. Treasurer who are elected by it.

The Managing Committee has various sub-committees to run the different Activities. Presently there are :
  • Performing Arts Wing
  • Education Wing
  • Community Wing
  • Membership Wing
  • Health and Wellness Wing
  • Dramatics Wing
  • Yuva Shakti

Board Of Trustees

K Ganesh Kumsr Chairman
R S Rajagopalan Vice Chairman
R.Radhakrishnan Vice Chairman
G S Subramanian Hon. Secretary
Janakai Ramakrishnan Hon. Jt. Secretary
T N Balasubramanian Hon. Treasurer
P Sethuraman Member
K Chandrasekharan Member
Ramesh Ramamoorthy Member
A.Balasubramanian Member

Managing Committee

Ramesh Ramamoorthy President
Radhika Ananthkumar Vice President
Maya Hariharan Vice President
S Venkat Raman Hon. Secretary
Hema Kannan Hon. Jt. Secretary
Krishnan Seshadri Hon. Treasurer
Rama Rajagopalan Member
B Natarajan Member
Meenalatha Member
Jayanthi Suresh Co - Opted Member
Dr Kumaraswamy Co - Opted Member

Performing Arts Wing

Radhika Ananthkumar Chairman
Jayanthi Suresh Convenor
Uma Subramanian Member
Sangeetha Sudarshan Member
Meena Sridhar Member
Kamchana Maniam Member

Education Wing

Hema Kannan Chairperson
Mala Sridhar Convenor
Sr Leela Devi Member
Kanchana Manyam Member
Saipriya Viswanathan Member


Community Wing

Maya Hariharan Chairperson
Rajeshwari Ganesan Convenor
Gnanam Swamy Member
Rama Rajagopaln Member
Kalyani Raghunath Member
Geeta Visweswaran Member

Membership Wing

Meenalatha Chairman
S. Neelakantan Convenor
Lalitha Balasubramanian Member
M G Subramanian Member

Health and Wellness Wing

Dr Kumaraswamy Chairperson
Dr Indumati Convenor
Dr Prasad Mahadevan Member
Dr Kavita Rohit Sudarsan  Member
Dramatics Wing
Satya Naik
Venkatraman Subramanian


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